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Understanding the absurd art of Michael Cheval

Calling a work of art “absurd” could be interpreted as an insult, but not for Michael Cheval, who is thrilled to present artwork that turns reality on its head. Cheval is considered a master of “Absurdism” art. This doesn’t refer to it being unreasonable or foolish. Instead, he defines Absurdism as a style and philosophy…. read more

Super Artists and Their Favorite Superheroes

The year of 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for superhero films, with everything from Batman, Superman and Captain America to contemporary anti-heroes like Deadpool and the Suicide Squad hitting theaters. Though not fine art, comic books and the superheroes and villains they bring to life have been a widely-collected art form,…. read more

Park West Gallery reveals new dye sublimation art

Park West Gallery reviews the latest art-making processes in its mission of re-imagining the world of fine art, and is proud to offer one of the latest and most innovative mediums to its collectors. Park West Gallery is excited to present art created by dye sublimation, with two of its artists already releasing editions of…. read more