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Michael Cheval

The Absurd Artwork of Michael Cheval

Michael Cheval, born in 1966 in Kotelnikovo, Russia, is a contemporary artist who has specialized in “Absurdist” paintings, drawings and portraits that capture the imagination and turn reality on its head. Growing up in a small town in southern Russia, Cheval was raised in a family of creative talents. His grandfather was a professional artist and sculptor, while his grandmother wrote poems for children; his father was a soldier and artist, and his aunt a musician. Cheval’s love for drawing developed in his early childhood, leading him to never question that he wanted to be an artist.

Cheval Born

Michael Cheval is born in Kotelnikovo, Russia.

Moves to Germany

Cheval and his family move to Germany, where museums, castles, and ancient streets defined Cheval’s tastes.

Joins Soviet Army

Upon graduating high school, Cheval serves two years in the Soviet Army.

Moves to Turkmenistan

Cheval moves to Turkmenistan and begins formal training at the Ashgabat School of Fine Arts.

First Exhibition

While still training, Cheval has his first exhibition at the Turkmenistan’s State Museum of Fine Art.

Immigrates to the United States

Cheval immigrates to the United States.

New York's National Arts Club

Cheval becomes a member of the prestegious New York’s National Arts Club.

Receives Exhibition Committee Award

Cheval receives the distinguished Exhibition Committee Award from New York’s National Arts Club.

"Lullabies" is published

Cheval’s first full-colored art album, “Lullabies,” is published.

"Nature of Absurdity" is published

Cheval’s second full-colored art album, “Nature of Absurdity,” is published.

Best of Worldwide Artists

Cheval is chosen as the Best of Worldwide Oil Artists by the “Best of Worldwide Artists” Volume 1 Book Series.

Dreamscape 2010

Cheval’s artworks are published in the “Dreamscape 2010” book among the 50 world-renowed famous surrealist artists.

Portrait for Gina Lollobridida

Actress and artist Gina Lollobrigida commissions her official portrait to Cheval. In July 2011 the painting is completed.

Palm Art Award

Cheval is nominated for the Palm Art Award (Germany).

“My paintings are like a window to another reality, and my goal is to make it so real that people won’t think that it’s false.”